Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sharing is Caring

Its 10:48pm, and i finally finished creating my own and only blog. Fuhhhh...I should be studying right now, exam is on next tuesday, 6 days from now (2 paper somemore!) but am so lazy to study ohhhh...Why did humans created exams? cisss...since im so lazy to study, might as well do something good and this “blogging” is good. Sharing is caring ma...hehe...

I love sharing. Well I do a lot of facebook”ing”. But it just ain’t enough. I need a place where I can really share my experience, my thoughts and my killer words openly so that the whole world can read it. Again like what I say, sharing is caring. Means when I share to you, I care bout you. YES I’M TALKING TO YOU. Hehe…

What I can say bout sharing? Sharing makes me happy. Sharing makes me relieve, coz everything that’s hidden inside of me will be poured out on this beautiful blog (ohh…I think it’s beautiful..^^)…well, why don’t I share to my friends? Hurmmm…friends are good to talk to but some things they just don’t understand. Some of them won’t listen. It’s hard to find people who really listen to you nowadays. When I talk to people and they ignore me, it makes me feel angry and feel like I want put my socks in their mouth. Most people just don’t understand me. I repeat “MOST OF PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!”

Ohh, if its 3 years ago, I would say “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!”, but God is so wonderful. He gave me beautiful friends who realy2 understand me. Heart to Heart ahhh…heehee…I thank God for such wonderful friends. Love them, Love God. ^^

One thing that really excites me to share is, I want to share God’s love to all people bah. Cehhh, as if im so “ALIM”…I’m not that alim! I just feel excited ohh to share His love. I’m a SINNER! And im really good in making God angry, trust me but eventhough with these BIG SINS that I’ve done, He still show His love to me. He just amazes me everytime I sin. Weird isn’t it. Most people see God’s love when they worship but they just failed to see God’s love when they sin. It’s just so amazing. Jesus, if I can see You right now, I would scream and run like a crazy person just to kiss Your feet. Your just soooooo great!

Ohhh…don’t want to write too long. Enough la kan. I end my 1st sharing by saying these words, “Peace, No War ^^)v”…

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