Friday, December 31, 2010

Life is Short

2010 ends today...2011 starts tomorrow...the world ends in 2012 (errrrr...???)

Life is getting shorter n shorter, no time to waste. Some people ask me why do i always do crazy things, well it is because our life is short and we don’t know how short it can be.

I am young and I am surrounded with young friends. We enjoyed ourselves by having fun and going out together but 1 thing that we try not to forget, which is to bring God out with us also. As a youth, i like fun things, we like fun things. In gatherings, we prefer the energetic type of worship by shouting and jumping, well basically because it’s fun at our age and we like it, it gives us the mood/feeling to worship. I don't really know about the other’s opinion about why they do this in worship, but as for me, I jump for God, I dance for God and I shout for God. This is my performance to my ONLY Audience, Jesus.

 Praise and Worship Sessions during LifeFire Camp

Ecclesiastes 12:1 - Don't let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor Him in your youth before you grow old and say "Life is not pleasant anymore."

I try to get a life, youth life that I can experience 1st hand the meaning of worshipping God in action and not only in Gatherings through Praise & Worship and Sharing sessions. By encountering real life situations, instead of just understanding God through testimonies of other people, I can experience God myself. From time to time as I do this, God becomes more and more alive in me. Different people have different ways but this is (at this time) my way of getting to be closer to God.

My holiday will finish soon and I’m going back to UMS on the 1st of January. Hey, that’s tomorrow! Despite this short holiday that I have here in Kuching, I feel very happy because God gave me full package holiday plan.

Full Package Holiday Plan:
A very energetic youth and lively experience which includes:-
-          Fun
-          Excitement
-          Watching beautiful scenery
-          Eating delicious food
-          Hanging out with friends
-          Sad
-          Traumatic
-          Exhausting
-          Scary
-          Suicide Mission
-          Helping injured
-          Giving Hope
-          Giving Help
-          Giving laughter
*This package includes free enjoyment with families and friends with real live event featuring Jesus.

 BBQ and Steambot

 Catman and Catwoman


 Dayak's Bridge

Drink time

Enjoying the breeze 


 Group Photo

 Eat! fuhh...

 With the Ibans at Sarawak Cultural Village

 Laughing Time
Steambot with friends 

 Food again!
  * Limited and Happy Pictures only. No sad, scary or traumatic pictures are allowed. For more pictures please view my facebook profile.

It is just too long for me to tell 1 by 1 on what have I encountered during the “Full Package Holiday Plan”, but to summaries it, God had all this plan for me to feel a youth life + God. It is possible for young people to enjoy their youths without excluding God in it.

Worship God when you are still able to raise up your hands.

An old person don't run often anymore because they r weak and they use stick to support them to walk.
A dying person can only lie on the bed...
A singer who died in an accident won't be able to sing in a concert the next day...

William shakespere says that life is pointless by saying, "Out out brief candle, LIFE is like a walking shadow".

The wise King Solomon makes it more clearer that LIFE is pointless without God in your life. (Ecclesiastes)

Jesus makes it perfect by saying, "I am The Way, The Truth and The LIFE" and "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal LIFE, and I will raise him up at the last day."(Gospel).

Use your youthful years of Life wisely. Use it to glorify our Lord. At the same time open your eyes to see the beautiful blessings which He had granted us and don’t forget to enjoy it (enjoy doesn't mean it must be fun and happy only, i enjoyed my full package holiday plan eventhough it contains "sad", "traumatic" and "scary" in it)

We are given another year. Use it to love and not to hate. Happy New Year to all.

Peace no war. ^^)v

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Come back to reality

When i was a kid, i have many imaginary worlds. In these world, i have things that i can't have in reality. In these world i can fly and even have super powers. I'm always happy there doing what i want and having what i can't have. Now that i'm "mature", i know that the reason i did that was because i wanted to run away from my reality and so, i created my own world. My "real world" isn't that perfect and its hard especially when i was a kid.

That was the past. Now im 22 years old and have grown a lot. Mentally i'm getting mature and my faith in Christ is getting more and more stronger than before.

However, sadly to say, I still create my own world now but this time it is different. This world is only in youth gatherings and i talk mostly about "Spiritual" things with my fellow friends, especially my "special" friends. I'm so happy and comfortable being there that i deny myself from my real life that i have to face especially as a student.
 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. ~James 1:22 (KJV)

I forgot that these faith that i have is for me to live my real life in a Christian way. Then in the month of October i had this "message" from God saying, "Come Back To Reality!". I was again living in a "dream world". I realize that my real life is not only talking bout God, but living the life as a man of God. I do know before that i was avoiding "student" life, that i have to study n everything (and with my duty with "other" friends), but knowing isn't enough without the "ACTION!". What good is knowledge without applying it? As Derek said, "Knowledge is Power" is wrong, but the correct one is, "Application of Knowledge is Power".

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. ~ James 2:17

In my real world, things are not that perfect, i get hurt always, i have to do "work hard", people may not be kind to me, but the different from last time and now is that i have Jesus! My faith is stronger and when He is with me, i see things in a different perspective, a beautiful one. The way i think is different, more wise according to the knowledge that He has given me. ACT! AND FACE THE REALITY! that is the action that i should do.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ ~ Matthew 25:35-36

During the holidays, i encountered a few of those who are hungry, poor, stranger and homeless, i hesitated to help ( i can't believe that i actually did think that i don't want to help them, and people was saying they are just lying, don't help them ). Saying the verse to other people was so damn easy, but when facing the real situation, these words are meaningless unless i do something bout it (IT'S VERY HARD) but i'm happy to say that in the end i did alright. 

I'm still struggling though, well we all are right? We will keep on struggling until we breath the last air in our lungs. We have a big advantage though. Want to know why? Because we have Jesus the Son of the Living God! and He is With Us. Wuhooo...HAPPY...HAPPY...HAPPY...Amen.

^^)v no war

Monday, November 29, 2010


I went for a program called "Jumpstart". Well it is basically about helping people to know about their talents & gifts, and to use it fully in their calling that God has set for them in life. It was a 3 days program (25-27 Nov) and the speaker for this program is Derek Chong. He is a very good speaker and I like his talks because he focus more on how to be a Christian in This REAL LIFE! Oh, he’s funny also.

Actually i had a dilemma on making the choice of whether or not I should go for this program. On Friday 26, there is suppose to be a Catholic Student Group (CSG) gathering and I really wanted to go there. At first my decision was not to go to the jumpstart and I chose CSG. CSG is my life for this semester, I feel that it is where God wants me to be (besides I’m happy doing what I’m doing there, which is making friends and to be with my friends ^^). However, God gave me a choice that I cannot say no, a chance to serve Him. He gives me situations as if He is trying to say, "Yo, nick! You wanna go CSG? How ‘bout bring this two pretty girls, Stephanie and Debbie to Jumpstart! I prepared a car for u already. So it should be no prob lah". Ohh God, i would love to bring them there. Just say the word and it shall be done. (later on i was told that the gathering was canceled…kwang…kwang…kwang…ok nick, u made the right decision..hehe..)

Now you know the purpose of me going to the Jumpstart. However, I was not really excited for this program. Yah, what’s the big deal of going to this program anyway. I've known my own gifts already. I will just sit there, listen to the talks and SMILE! yah..I’ll be a good boy. I’m going to give the widest smile that i can give... (Oohh..I’m being so soooo highly of myself...nevermind, next week i go to confession...hehe..^^).

It is until the last night of the program that i feel "GLAD!" that i went there. Me and Debbie were talking to Derek before the program starts and i feel the urge to ask for his opinion about people who have gifts/talents but tend to hide it because for them by doing that they are humbling themselves (not showing off is what i mean)...I’m so glad that i ask his opinion. I'm so glad that I’m there to have the opportunity to ask. I'm so GLAD! Thank You God! Derek told me that being Humble is being who you are and that gifts is what makes you, you! The devil can use “humble” to make you confuse of the truth! The entire sessions for the whole night was starting to really make sense to me. What use are the gifts if you keep it to yourself? Gifts from God are meant to be shared. Not to keep for yourself. How can you serve God with everything that you have if you are trying your best to hide your gifts and not using it fully?

This has been my problem for a long time. I’ve asked myself a lot of times, “How to be HUMBLE?”…and in my head, being humble is by keeping quite, not to talk too much. Whatever things that comes from God to me, I’ll keep it to myself. I’m going to be a good Christian, which is by SMILING! Oh, yeah! This is the BEST “humble” that I can do. If there is a competition of being humble, then I’ll surely win…haha (just a joke k, though I know its not funny...but pliz laugh!..^^) 


I believe every Christians have gifts from God. Please don’t think that only HOLY people can have gifts from God, and that includes the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:1-11) . The Holy Spirit is soooo kind O.K!!! I too believe that I have gifts from God. Gifts that are meant to be shared to people. From time to time I figure out what God wants me to do with these gifts, a calling maybe, but I prefer calling it a JOB and so far I love doing it. However these has been making me more and more sensitive about being “HUMBLE”. As not to show off that I have these gifts (be a humble good Christian) so I tend to keep quiet and SMILE! I was being a very Good Christian by doing that >_<.  

I’ve had these gifts for a long time. I think I was born with these gifts. It made me who I am right now. Oh, wow! Some people have the gifts of playing music, and it makes them who they are, it is a part of them. Mine is different though (not going to tell what it is, but those of you who are close to me can guess, I think..hoho..). Now then I know that I was actually not using all that I have to do this Job! Uhhh…very disappointing…Nick..nick…why are you like this…fuhh..(sigh)…

Romans 12:3 ~ For by the grace given to me I say  to everyone among you not to think of yourself more highly than you ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.

Romans 12:5-8 ~ We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us: prophecy, in proportion to faith; ministry in ministering; the teacher, in teaching; the exhorter, in exhortation; the giver, in generosity; the leader, in diligence; the compassionate, in cheerfulness.

For I am who God created me to be. “IF” I am a badminton player, then I will show my skill as a badminton player to the world. I am not going to play football, because my gifts are not playing football but if I say that I know  how to play football very well when I don’t have the talents to play football then that is when I’m not being humble. Badminton is my thing (example only ok). If I keep my talents to myself, then I’m not going to achieve a lot of things, I’m not going to bear any GREAT fruit.

John 15:16 ~ You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

Our Almighty God, The Most Cool God, shows His humility by saying, I Am Who I Am ~ Exodus 3:14.

Some people might have the similar experience with me and I hope that God will use this sharing to guide you. Amen!

Time to EAT!! WACHAAA!!

Hugs and a kiss to you all!


"Feed and not to be Fed"

Friday, November 26, 2010

1st nite JumpStart

Tonight is the first nite of jumpstart prog...well i can summarized it into 1 word..."Revealed" so excited this...It's like God is trying to tell me something ni...

I'll share to u ol the complete sharing after the jumpstart prog finish k...hehe...tak sabar2 tuk bsuk...^^

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am tired of doing nothing! adakah tired of doing tired of tak buat pa2...baru habis exam 2 hari yg lepas ni...semlam pg makan makan pizzahut...boroi la sy... rasa sgt tension tgk laptop, laptop pun tension tgk sy...kekeke...

Kenapalah sy single...kalau da cewek boleh la pg tonton wayang peluk2...hurmm...bah nasib badan yg tak hensem...

Pa2 pun, sy tak sabar mo pg gathering bsuk mo jumpa mo jumpa kah!? Jumpa Jesus bah...jgn pikir bukan2...^^

Buat masa skg, sy mo makan maggi sambil main DOTA...hoho...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


fuyooooo...last nite was great...ohh ya, i went to csg gathering bah...and its so great ni...i see many faces who are thirst of God's love...They all come despite the "EXAMS". yooo...and yet they come because maybe they feel that that gathering can somehow make them forget about the exams and feel relieve ni. I don't know. MAYBE!? or maybe its because the thirst of worshiping God surpases the thinking bout exams...Amen!?

The gathering starts of great with the praise n worship session led by ivy, celbie and the musicians, alister, andrew and yuina (i dont really recall her name ni, betul ka?...but she has a very great voice ohh...fuhhh...i can talk a whole page about this girls voice...but not now la ahh...hehe...) All were in their mood of praising the Lord. Watching that moment makes my heart happy.

Then it was sharing time! My group 4, we shared a lot last nite..uhhh group 4 is our group name...awkward kan...we should think of a group name ohh...hurmmm...maybe i can suggest it to them...hehe...The sharing session this time is different from our past sharing sessions....i don't know...maybe i see that they are eager to share bout how God show His love in their lives...ada semangat api membara lah...blink blink ni mata diaorg...I'm proud of you group 4. Keep the flame burning, tambah lagi kayu api, biar dia membara lagi kuat. ^^

God open my mind last nite. God answered my question. Thank You.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Blind Kid

I went to karamunsing just now, and i saw a blind kid...he was wearing a primary school uniform with his normal brother...

He was playing with his brother, smiling and laughing. Eventhough he looks happy but i feel sad ohh...

So kesian him ni. It looks so not fair bah, coz he is still young and he can't see. God you have reasons for this, i believe You have.

Give this child a chance to see You Lord.
Let this blind kid see You Jesus.
You are The Almighty, save him Lord.
Bring Him to You.
Let Your Love shine upon Him so that he may live.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Im being emo lately. huhhh (sigh)
I've been thinking a lot bout this "something" and it makes my heart hurt. I'm just a normal human being bah. If someone throws a stone at me, i'll feel the pain and i may bleed as well. But i prefer people throw me money..hehe...^^

I do look fine outside but inside, no one knows...jeng...jeng...jeng...ohh ya...i've never talk in detail about this "something" to anyone. hurmmm...maybe just 1 friend, but it was not in detailed...i am so malu to share bah dis to people...hehe...(scary kan the picture...wuhhhh...but i won't do that wasting my time...better i watch sin chan on my laptop...lagi berbaloi...hohoho...)

Sometimes i ask a lot of questions to God why does it happen so simple to my friends (and most of people) and not me. Why am i not like them? Is it everything that has to do with me be abnormal. I already accept myself as not being "normal" like anyone else, but its just painful if this is included too. huhhhh(sigh again)...

ayoyooo...what am i doin? I keep on saying to You God to take control of my life. But when this happens i start to complaint. ihhhhhyeeeeeee...stop nick...stop complaining...relax...cehh...comforting myself la kunun...heeehee...

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ~ Jeremiah 29:11 

I may not understand, I may not know His plans for me, but i trust Him. Therefore, i'll surrender whatever emo feelings that i have right now to Him and Him alone. ok God? Take it, take it all, ambik laaa, pleeeaaaase...

I don't understand really what is goin on with this "something" in my life, but i do know that i won't do anything stupid. I trust My Lord and i'll wait. He knows my need, i won't demand anything from Him. 

ok enough blogging...time to watch MERLIN...then study...oh, bfore that want to check my facebook.

ok chao...peace ^^)v

*moral of the story:
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding ~ Proverbs 3:5

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sharing is Caring

Its 10:48pm, and i finally finished creating my own and only blog. Fuhhhh...I should be studying right now, exam is on next tuesday, 6 days from now (2 paper somemore!) but am so lazy to study ohhhh...Why did humans created exams? cisss...since im so lazy to study, might as well do something good and this “blogging” is good. Sharing is caring ma...hehe...

I love sharing. Well I do a lot of facebook”ing”. But it just ain’t enough. I need a place where I can really share my experience, my thoughts and my killer words openly so that the whole world can read it. Again like what I say, sharing is caring. Means when I share to you, I care bout you. YES I’M TALKING TO YOU. Hehe…

What I can say bout sharing? Sharing makes me happy. Sharing makes me relieve, coz everything that’s hidden inside of me will be poured out on this beautiful blog (ohh…I think it’s beautiful..^^)…well, why don’t I share to my friends? Hurmmm…friends are good to talk to but some things they just don’t understand. Some of them won’t listen. It’s hard to find people who really listen to you nowadays. When I talk to people and they ignore me, it makes me feel angry and feel like I want put my socks in their mouth. Most people just don’t understand me. I repeat “MOST OF PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!”

Ohh, if its 3 years ago, I would say “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!”, but God is so wonderful. He gave me beautiful friends who realy2 understand me. Heart to Heart ahhh…heehee…I thank God for such wonderful friends. Love them, Love God. ^^

One thing that really excites me to share is, I want to share God’s love to all people bah. Cehhh, as if im so “ALIM”…I’m not that alim! I just feel excited ohh to share His love. I’m a SINNER! And im really good in making God angry, trust me but eventhough with these BIG SINS that I’ve done, He still show His love to me. He just amazes me everytime I sin. Weird isn’t it. Most people see God’s love when they worship but they just failed to see God’s love when they sin. It’s just so amazing. Jesus, if I can see You right now, I would scream and run like a crazy person just to kiss Your feet. Your just soooooo great!

Ohhh…don’t want to write too long. Enough la kan. I end my 1st sharing by saying these words, “Peace, No War ^^)v”…