Saturday, November 13, 2010


fuyooooo...last nite was great...ohh ya, i went to csg gathering bah...and its so great ni...i see many faces who are thirst of God's love...They all come despite the "EXAMS". yooo...and yet they come because maybe they feel that that gathering can somehow make them forget about the exams and feel relieve ni. I don't know. MAYBE!? or maybe its because the thirst of worshiping God surpases the thinking bout exams...Amen!?

The gathering starts of great with the praise n worship session led by ivy, celbie and the musicians, alister, andrew and yuina (i dont really recall her name ni, betul ka?...but she has a very great voice ohh...fuhhh...i can talk a whole page about this girls voice...but not now la ahh...hehe...) All were in their mood of praising the Lord. Watching that moment makes my heart happy.

Then it was sharing time! My group 4, we shared a lot last nite..uhhh group 4 is our group name...awkward kan...we should think of a group name ohh...hurmmm...maybe i can suggest it to them...hehe...The sharing session this time is different from our past sharing sessions....i don't know...maybe i see that they are eager to share bout how God show His love in their lives...ada semangat api membara lah...blink blink ni mata diaorg...I'm proud of you group 4. Keep the flame burning, tambah lagi kayu api, biar dia membara lagi kuat. ^^

God open my mind last nite. God answered my question. Thank You.


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