Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Praying Together As A Family (CSG)

It has been a while since i write in my blog. A lot of things had happened during these long semester since january. This time i would like to write to my beloved Catholic Student Group (CSG). We are a group of Jesus' Fans who are in love with Him. As time goes, we grow in faith and love with each other. Every friday we would have a gathering and we have Praise and Worship, bible sharing and fellowship. Every night, we would gather together to pray the rosary. EVERY NIGHT! Wonderful isn't it. I've tagged them through facebook. So to the CSGian, this is my love letter to you all :-

Be joyful always, pray at all times, be thankful in all circumstances. This is what God wants from you in your life in union with Christ Jesus. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

“If they could pray together, they would come to know each other, and by knowing each other they will love each other, and if they start loving each other they will share with each other with the joy of love. PRAYER IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT OF GOD. It will always bring us together. The joy of loving comes from the joy of praying.” ~ Mother Teresa

Jesus was the one who called us to pray. He was the one who planned the Rosary everyday. He was the one who prepared the small “chapel” for us to pray. He was the one who called us to come every night. Why? Because He wants us to love one another just as He has loved us and by loving each other, we are loving Him back. It was never been plan by anyone that we would have this Special Rosary every night. For it to happen, it must be God! I believe if there is a beautiful unplanned plan happened, it is His awesome plan. His planed usually will surprise us wonderfully, for only He knows this plan, and He alone knows what’s best for us.
See that picture above? They are hungry children, so are we. We are a group of people who are hungry for love. Some of us never feel being accepted by people around us. Some feel they are not important even when they are with their friends and when they say something, it was never been heard or been taken seriously. Some of us feel lonely without real friends, some feel rejected. Some feel lost in their homes with their broken families, because of their dads, moms, brothers and even sisters. Some just have problems to love other people or even to be loved just because of their past experience with love in their family and with people. Some struggle with the outside world which are very cruel, draining their energy and love, without anyone know that they do this for God and for God alone. Jesus love us so much that He gathered all of us who has problems with love to find love among us. Love that comes only from Him and by this we feel loved and accepted, we feel we are important, we feel we are a real friend to someone. If we want to cry, atleast know that we have a shoulder to cry on.

We are not perfect. So if we think something bad about someone among us in CSG, let us not bring this thoughts further. When we start to think bad about someone, we will start to ignore or not wanting to even talk him/her. If this is prolong(dipanjangkan), Hate will start to come and grow in our hearts. Never let this happened! Remember that The Spirit of God is gentle and in Him, you are in control! “For The Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid; instead, his Spirit fills us with power, love, and self-control.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7
Don’t think too highly of yourself more highly than you should. Instead, be modest in your thinking and judge yourself according to the amount of faith that God has given you. ~ Romans 12:3

Be humble always. Though if your knowledge of the bible is so good than others or you think that you know more, or maybe have more gifts, never let this sow the seed of pride in you. You all will become seniors, and being a super duper senior myself (4th year bah kan), there will be thoughts inside of your head saying that you have experience more, and of course know better, however this knowledge is to be shared and to be used to guide each other so that we will walk together and NO ONE, will be left behind. Let us walk together in faith. So far it has been my joy to walk in faith with you all. Only God knows how happy and excited I am when you start talking about Him and sharing about His love. It is my Joy that each and everyone of you grow in faith TOGETHER. I am even more happy when your life starts to change, that you start to love rather than wanting to be loved. For loving others is the one true act of loving God Himself.

I love you all, and honestly, I never think I would. Then surely it must be His love that sparks this love to all of you. God has given me a lot of experience in CSG and that experience leads to one important thing, which is LOVE. I will miss you all. But this is not our final farewell. We will see each other in future again (maybe), who knows. Just hope that I will not be asked to extend (fuhhh…palis..paliss…haha..).
~ Jadilah Pejuang Terang Kepada Dunia ~

Kamu adalah garam dunia. Jika garam itu menjadi tawar, dengan apakah ia diasinkan? Tidak ada lagi gunanya selain dibuang dan diinjak orang. Kamu adalah terang dunia. Kota yang terletak di atas gunung tidak mungkin tersembunyi. Lagipula orang tidak menyalakan pelita lalu meletakkannya di bawah gantang, melainkan di atas kaki dian sehingga menerangi semua orang di dalam rumah itu. Demikianlah hendaknya terangmu bercahaya di depan orang, supaya mereka melihat perbuatanmu yang baik dan memuliakan Bapamu yang di sorga. (Matius 5:13-16)

Let us fight and not just sit. Fighting to save people to give them joy and love. Giving our "all out" to love even if it takes our strength. Our lights of energy might go red, but not our desire for God. Let us be His fighters, let us be His light.

^^)v no war