Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In The Wilderness With The Lord

Selepas 10 tahun, ehh...1 tahun lebih bekerja, saya kian masuk lebih mendalam dalam dunia yang penuh misteri ini. (Teruk betul BM ku ni...hahahaha...).

My life now, how can i describe it. It's just normal. I go to work, go back home. At home i watch movies and anime in my laptop. Sometimes going out with friend. Since i dont have any commitment so far, i feel like my life is pointless, lifeless. Sometimes i ask myself, why is it that i feel alone and lifeless eventhough i have a Big God up there. Another mystery in my life yet to be revealed.

I'm (once again) in the point of my life where i dont know what to do or what i want. Being retarded for awhile...hehe...A thought came up to me that maybe its time for me to discern on whatever God wants me to do in life and yea, it's actually a good time for me to serve Him alone, as a Lone Ranger! I have plenty of quiet time now. 

One thing i know for sure, that He already plan something for me and He is directing my life to the path He has chosen. Yes, i believe in that. Eventhough i come to the point of life where i may not see His clear plans, i will not give up. This is my journey in the desert. Wandering for 40 years, that's a long long time (ehhhhh, what am i talking about here...haha..). Though i'm seeing desert everyday, i know for sure that one day if i don't give up, i will arrive at the place where God has promised to me. Yes, He will provide me with everything i need like syampu, shaver, icecream and all the food i can eat. haha.

For forty years You sustained them in the wilderness; they lacked nothing, their clothes did not wear out nor did their feet become swollen. ~ Nehemiah 9:21 

Let this song express my feelings right now.

Hatiku Percaya ~ Edward Chen

See ya'll and God bless.

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