Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Wow! Its been a year plus plusss since my last post. I never thought i would continue writing again in my blog. (Is this considered as "writing" or shud i say "typing"). Hehehe. Well, let me tell you a short story on how i was "REVIVED" to bloging again.

On a wonderful day, a beautiful friend of mine from Sabah, Debbie Rosalind, sms/text me, saying that she's been sharing something in her blog (Oh ya, you should read her blog. fuhhh, basically what i can say is that she writes beautiful love stories!) and fushhhh, suddenly she said i was on her mind. Ya, you can say that im a little bit handsome, maybe that's why she remembered me. So ya, you know what i mean. Hahaha..I'm just kidding, we're friends ok. Then she ask me to read her sharing. It was all God's plan. 

This was found on her blog sharing, it really strikes me to the heart.

I was reading her story, the one that she ask me to read and WOW! I felt somehow regenerated! To know how a person personally have the heart to share His Love, to be His Love amazes me. Her story touches me. I felt like i want to write again, to let atleast one person out there know that there is a God and He loves us. Ya, how wonderful is that, that God just need something simple to resurrect my blog. A friend and her love story.

I want to glorify Him in my blog! Let His Name be praise FOREVER!!!


  1. Hey...
    Am happy you write again!
    Its nice to hear from you again!


  2. wow...hi sharon!!! lets have a reunion...hahaha...